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Hiking Ol Donyo Orok, Namanga.

From Kes 2,900

Kabuku <> Tigoni 35km trail

15th Aug @ Kes 500

Ol Donyo Sabuk N.P (Kilimambogo- Hiking)

Go Outside & enjoy!

Williams Hill Trail, Rift Valley escarpment

Amazing views

Stunning Landscapes of Chyulu Hills N.P

The Green Hills Of Africa.

Daring Adventures at Malewa

Hang on & SWING!

Forest Retreat Adventure at Magoroto

Stay Close to Nature!

Explore Lake Elementaita

Wanderful & charming experiences

Walk on Watamu Beach

Just Go!

Hiking Elephant Hill in the Aberdare ranges

I must go

Table Mountain & Kariandusi hot springs

Take Only Memories

Finding the calm at Usambara Mountains

Discover the Hidden Paradise

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Tanzania, Tanzania, United Republic of 12 Aug - 15 Aug
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Planned Hiking & nature-based Adventures

Exciting, Unique & Fun nature trips and camping packages.

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1st August 2020
Kijabe Kenton & Nathan Hills, Day hike at Kikuyu Escarpment

Explore and unwind on a moderate day trek through breathtaking scenes along the Kikuyu Escarpment. Hiking trails on the magical Kijabe hills.
Kes 1,950.00
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29th August 2020:-
Maasai Country Trekking, Kibiko Osupukuo Dikiro

25km hiking challenge and tour through the Maasai countryside from Kibiko through Osupukuo and Dikiro Valley on the edges of the Great Riftvalley and the Ngong Hills.
Kes 1,500.00
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15th August 2020:-
Kabuku-Tigoni trail challenge on serene atmosphere, Limuru

Experience life off the beaten track with a 35KM walk through lush green Tigoni tea plantations and local villages.
Kes 500.00
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Mt Kipipiri Adventure day Hike, Aberdare Range

Mount Kipipiri is an isolated volcano in the Wanjohi Valley on the Kinangop Plateau. This is a generally moderate to difficult trail with beautiful landscapes, some sharp inclines, soggy wet grounds, chilly air, thick forest, rocky terrain and steep descent.

Kes 2,850.00

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