Outdoor & Fun Time Games for Families and Friends

Pick a few players for a good game. Play to win but have fun and enjoy the game! Fun is better than winning. But losing is hardly ever fun anyway! Our games are all for fun and fun for all. We want to let fun and enjoyment get deep enough out of every game.

Exotic Lawn Tossing Games - Mölkky & Kubb

Toss a wooden baton at numbered skittles for points. These fun outdoor games are great for friendly competitions where the aim is to spend quality time interacting with friends in a relaxed setting . They are suitable for beach relaxation, Picnics, team buildings, friends hangouts, outdoor sports and family funfair.

Mölkky skittles game (Viking bowling) is a super fun backyard tossing game from Finland that incorporates a great balance of precision, hand-eye coordination, strategy and simple math skills. The game is easy-to-play, entertaining and competitive for family and friends of all ages. Kubb Yard Game (Viking Chess)- Addictive, fun and seriously interactive outdoor throwing game from Sweden made using quality wooden blocks and batons. These tossing games present a serious gift for friendly playtime fun, easy to learn and can be played with different group size.

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Jenga game

Jenga is a popular, fun and interactive strategy and stacking game that engage both physical and mental skill with a little bit of luck. It involve stacking of wooden blocks to build a tower and taking turns to move the wooden pieces until the tower becomes unstable. Try to keep your hand steady! The game ends when the tower falls. Win by being the last player to remove a block without causing the stack to crash. It is a simple, solid, and timeless game suitable for all.

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Fun Conversation Card Games

Is there happiness without a good conversation? Discover fun and easy way to ignite a blazing quality time conversation and make great connection with all the people you care about using these creative and super cool conversation starter cards.

Each deck contains 53 playfully we'll thought-out "get to know you" topic questions printed on classic, standard and waterproof playing cards.

Suitable for icebreakers, dates, parties, dinners, friends hangouts, vacations, camping, bonfire stories, family fun-days, road trips, team building and work gatherings. Available in different categories and themes. Talk to us to make your order today.

General Fire chat cards


Flirty Fire chat cards


Table Topics Conversation