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We believe in real adventure experiences. We create moments that inspire you, excite you, challenge you, connect you with the natural world & stay with you for life. And we care about making sure these experiences contribute positively to the people and places we visit.

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Hikers Afrique is a premier adventure and travel design company that specializes in crafting transformative experiences that transcend the ordinary. We offer serene safaris, holidays, team-building activities, and exhilarating hikes and treks, blending physical activities, cultural immersion, meaningful conversations, nature exploration, and health and wellness. We craft memorable, inspiring, and unforgettable adventures that foster enriched connection with the destinations we visit and that leave indelible mark on the soul.

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  • We are home of Inspirational trips, discovery and relaxation. 
  • Pushing your comfort zones and taking risks to move beyond fears. 
  • We find our passion and bliss in the places we visit and nature activities we engage our groups. 
  • We have fun interactions and keep happy, fulfilled, and inspired by friends and nature.
  • We believe in the transnational power of doing things together, traveling and relaxing.
  • We interact with and experience unique & new cultures, breathtaking nature & landscapes, mountains & beaches, healthy delicious meals, local interactions, physical & adrenaline rush adventures and entertainment. 
  • We are highly passionate and dedicated in planning and facilitating experiences in wilderness hiking, recreation management, adventure travel and team bonding.

To curate transformative travel experiences and create memories that last, moments that inspire, and adventures that push you to endure, think, act, and explore deeply. We seek to push boundaries, encouraging travelers to embrace the spirit of discovery, forging a legacy of not just vacations, but transformative odysseys that leave an indelible mark on the soul.

To be a world class adventure travel designer and facilitator, setting the global standard for curating extraordinary travel experiences that delve into the rich tapestry of African history, diverse landscapes, and cultural treasures.

  1. To promote local tourism
  2. To promote health and wellness
  3. To promote nature exploration and conservation
  4. To facilitate a platform for outdoor learning, networking and socializing

Our Core Values:Integrity PassionCommitment DiversityInclusion Responsible

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